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Buying Wine: frequently asked questions

We try to anticipate your questions and concerns before you have time to ask them. Below is a list of queries we receive regularly, and so we're compiled a quick reference list to help provide you with information before you even realize you need it. 

How are my wines shipped?

We use two shipping carriers, depending on the time of year and volume of wine we're shipping:

ATS Healthcare is our carrier of choice, providing us with climate controlled shipping; this is important for times when temperatures can be extreme. ATS is a Canadian company based in Ontario with offices in Kelowna BC. Canada Post is our other shipper. They provide convenient outlets for pick up nationwide, in case you're not home or at the office to receive your parcel. (fun fact: Canada Post has the largest warehouse in Canada)

When are my wines shipped - and when can I expect them to arrive?

Wines are shipped several times each week; our goal is to fill orders within two business days. Transportation and delivery times can range from 2 to 10 days, depending on the destination and weather conditions. Delays can occur during inclement weather, at which point the courier will notify us and we'll pass the information along to you.

What does shipping cost?

Shipping per package within British Columbia is $25, to Alberta is $30, and to the rest of Canada is $40 plus applicable taxes. After that, additional packages are $5 each. We choose trusted and secure carriers to deliver wine on our behalf, including carriers that guarantee climate controlled delivery. This is extremely important to us as wine is sensitive to temperature fluxuations and we want to ensure our wines arrive at your doorstep in top form.                                                       

Can I cancel my order?

Certainly. Simply log in to the account you have created and follow the prompt. Or, contact us to cancel the order for you.

Am I able to pick up my order at the winery?

Absolutely. When you place your order, there's an option to pick up at Evolve Cellars or TIME Winery (including McWatters Collection). We operate seasonally, so in the off-season this might not be an option until our production facility is completed (2018).

Can I purchase from all of your wine brands at once?

Indeed you can. Mix and match from TIME Winery, McWatters Collection, and Evolve Cellars. 

Is there a minimum order to ship wine?

There is not, however it is in your benefit to make up a case as the shipping will cost the same as shipping one bottle. 

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

No, we cannot ship to a PO Box. Please ensure your shipping address is to a civic address, preferably where someone is available to sign for the wine. We use plain cardboard packaging, so shipments to the office or your place of work won't cause wine envy (unless you unpack it in front of your colleagues).

Is your website secure for providing my credit card details?

Yes. We use DigiCert for our SSL, and never see your credit card number. All transactions are processed through a secure payment gateway that interacts directly with our merchant account. (that's technical speak for financial services providers talking to financial institutions)

The online order process isn't working for me. Can I get in touch with someone directly?

Absolutely. Email us, or give us a call at 236-422-2556 (Monday through Friday). We'll do our best to resolve whatever issue you've encountered.


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