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Our TIMEsavours meal Kits are not just about saving time, they are about savouring the taste.

Even while we are physically distancing, taking the TIME to enjoy good food and wine is important

Our TIMEsavours meal kits will be partially, or fully prepared, 3 course meals for 2; ready to heat, plate, and serve. All dish components are prepared fresh in the TIME kitchen and are packaged such that you can keep them in your fridge for 3-5 days before serving. They contain both hot and cold preparations and components, along with garnishes. In most cases cold preparations are ready to eat right out of the package. All hot preparations are fully cooked, and can be reheated in 6 minutes. Each meal kit comes with easy to follow instructions on how to reheat, plate, and garnish! Get creative and tag @timewinery   to show us your plate or tag TIME Winery & Kitchen on Facebook   


  • These options will be available for pick-up 4pm to 6:30pm Wednesday-Saturday
  • Pick-up only at TIME Winery & Kitchen (361 Martin St Penticton, BC)
  • Menus will be updated each week!
  • Please enter pick up date & time in special instructions box at checkout

Please contact us with any questions (236) 422-2556 or


*Due to the experimental nature of this new service we are currently only offering limited quantities for each day. As the demand increases so will our quantities. We will also be operating with a limited team until physical distancing guidelines are eased, and demand allows us to bring back some more of our team. This means we will not be able to substitute, omit, or change dishes for dietary restrictions at this time. 
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